Chitty Chitty Spud Spud

Feb 03, 2024

Potatoes are probably one of the easiest thing to grow on any allotment. You can plant them anytime from the end of March to midsummer and get a good crop, but to give them a head start it’s worth  chitting now, so they grow strong sprouts ready for when the ground is ready to plant.

So how do you do it? You’ll need some egg boxes or fibre pots and place the potatoes in a cool, light location, such as a windowsill, with the eyes facing upward. This encourages the development of sturdy sprouts, aiding in the growth of healthy plants when they're eventually planted. 

This year I’m planting my favourite varieties, Desiree main crop and Charlotte earlies. Both seem to cope well with our soil in Redbourn and don’t suffer to badly from blight and slugs! 

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