Health & Safety

Plot tenants have a legal duty of care to others, ensuring plots and sites are maintained and used safely. Failing this as a duty could result in legal action

  1. In an emergency Dial 999

  2. What Three Words will help the emergency services locate you & get to you sooner;

  3. Tassell Hall Honey Bugs Brush

  4. Long Cutt Cove Spins Cherry

  5. Greyhound Meadow Follow Thin Guides

  6. It is a good idea to tell someone where you are going and roughly how long you plan to be on your plot

  7. If you have a mobile phone take it with you

  8. Secure the site on entry and leaving

  9. If you see suspect unusual activity, see signs of damage or suspect intruders on your site then report this to your Site manager

  10. Ensure Access for Emergency vehicles 

  11. Gates should be kept shut at all times and individual member are alone on site.

  1. Keep paths clear at all times, with grass paths trimmed so route is obvious

  2. Remove stones from paths as these may fly up when mown

  3. Don’t put weed killer, wood chippings or carpet on communal grass paths

  4. Don’t pull the hose taut across a path, causing a trip hazard

  1. Keep your plot free from hazards- e.g. sharp edges, improperly stored tools, chemicals and rubbish

  2. Keep plot cultivated and weeds prevented from seeding, to respect neighbouring tenants

  3. Unacceptable for a tenant to walk on the plot of another tenant or take any tools, equipment, plants or other materials on that plot

  4. No hedges or fences may be put to mark the plot boundary

  5. Growing fruit trees/bushes is permitted using dwarf rootstock varieties  All tress to be kept pruned to no more that 3m in height

  1. Cap canes and posts to prevent eye injuries e.g. plastic bottle, yogurt pot

  2. Avoid using short and hard to see posts near paths as they may become a trip hazard

  3. Glass structures of any kind are NOT to be placed on the allotments

  4. Ensure these are erected in a safe and sound manner

  5. Ensure structures are properly maintained in good order to avoid accidents

  6. Any temporary structure be properly disposed of

  7. Sheds are not permitted on Greyhound Meadow

  8. Ensure ponds are protected to avoid accidents

  1. Read and understand the instructions as to the correct use

  2. No one under the age of 18 may use the RAA machinery  

  1. All chemicals kept on site must be stored in a locked container. In a safe place and out of the reach of children

  2. Keep all chemicals in their original labelled containers and follow the instructions on use

  3. Care must be exercised when using pesticides, so as not to cause a danger to the public or wildlife

  1. Horse and other manures should be composted for at least 6 months to avoid contamination

  2. No cooked food waste to be composted

  3. Compost bins must be not be placed against the boundary of a residents’ properties

  4. Wash your hands well after handling, even if gloves are worn

  1. Always fill the machine outside in the open air

  2. Do not smoke!

  • Bonfires are allowed between 1st October and 30th April

  • Bonfires are only to be set on the members own plot with a maximum distance possible from residents

  • Bonfires should only be set within one hour of dusk

  • Do not use any accelerant to start a bonfire

  • Check for wildlife before lighting the bonfire

  • Tend the fire at all times and do not touch the ash until cooled

  • Dampened the fire before leaving

  • Water may be stored in tanks or butts on members plot and use of hose pipes is permitted

  • Water containers on a plot must have a secure cover

  • Water in containers/butts should be kept clean and not left stagnant

  1. Always wash and treat cuts and abrasions, however minor to avoid infections like Weil’s disease

  2. Always wash hands with soap and water thoroughly before eating, even if you have been wearing gloves

  3. Be aware of ticks in grass etc

  4. If you have an accident, either enter it in the accident book next to first aid box or tell Site manager

  5. If you see a rat or other vermin tell your Site manager

  • Secure locks on gates on entry and exit to the sites at Tassell Hall & Long Cutt

  • Members are required to take responsibility for their own safety. There are no First Aid supplies on any site. Members should wear appropriate protective clothing and footwear. They should have their own personal First Aid kit

  • Be careful where they walk. Paths are often crocked and uneven

  • Stay on the marked paths. There are hazards on plots such as netting, broken glass, posts and twine

  • Stay off other people’s allotments

  • Family participation in an allotment is strongly encouraged. There are hazards so children must be accompanied by a responsible adult at all times. Children must stay within the bounds of the family plot

  • Inform your Site manager and other plot holders if someone else is tending your plot while you are away

  • Dogs are permitted on the allotments. They must be kept on a lead at all times and restricted to their owner’s plot. All faeces must be removed immediately

The RAA has a Third Party policy through the RHS. No personal protection insurance has been arranged for members